The Cradle of Love is a children’s home in Tanzania that mainly looks after abandoned small children, children in need (insufficient or poor care) or infants whose mother died during or after giving birth. If a mother dies, the families are often unable to provide the essential food for the newborn. Often they do not have the financial means to take care of the child’s well-being. These children will temporarily find a new home at Cradle of Love Baby Home. The children are usually newborns when they come to Cradle and up to three years old when they leave and go back home.

At Cradle, the children get love, security, food, medical care, attention and the necessary affection that they deserve. When the children are able to eat independently and, above all, are no longer dependent on baby food, they come back to their family or to a relative who can then lovingly care for the child. If the child’s family is unknown, the child moves to another orphanage.

At the time the children’s home was founded, there were only two other children’s homes in Arusha region. Cradle of Love Baby Home was the first in the area open to orphaned and abandoned children with an open mind. Children with possible pre-existing illnesses such as HIV-positive were and will be accepted as well as healthy children. Children, who have been orphaned or abandoned often stayed in the hospital because there was no room for them. Cradle also or primarily takes care of these children because they have a well-appointed nursery.

Further information about the children’s home is available on their webpage

Our goal in cooperation with the Cradle of Love Baby Home is to support this children’s home, on the one hand, with the monthly expenses (food, salaries, etc.) and at the same time to support the children. We are primarily concerned with early childhood education, from birth to preschool age. In addition, the nannies who are interested in further training can take part in these and thus learn new knowledge and then implement this into their work at Cradle. The nannies receive further training in this regard.

Another important point is nurturing the children after they go back to their families. For this purpose, the sponsorship program was set up in close cooperation with the Cradle of Love. You can find more information about this here.