During a stay in Uganda we became aware of the primary school in a small village, called Kabaale-Ssanje. Kabaale-Ssanje is located in the south-west of Uganda and has a population of around 5,000 people. It is about 5 km away from the main road that leads from Uganda’s capital Kampala to Tanzania. Access to clean water is very important for children and is the aim of this  project. In the district of Kyotera, which also includes Kabaale-Ssanje, people rarely have access to clean water. People take the water they need for cooking, for personal hygiene or for drinking mainly from distant wells or open, small and heavily polluted water points. In addition, there is not enough water available during the dry season. The dry season can last up to 5 months. The children, who usually fetch the water for the family before school, also have to cover more distances during this time. […click here…]