We are currently supporting three different institutions in Tanzania.

In the suburbs of Arusha, USA River, is the Cradle of Love Baby Home located. The children’s home takes care of abandoned children, children in need (insufficient or poor care) or infants whose mother died during or after giving birth. […click here…]

In Shangarai, another suburb of Arusha, many families live in poverty. Parents earn very little and often at least one parent is unemployed or has no permanent job. Gily’s Daycare and Learning Center was founded to support these families. While their children are being looked after, parents have the opportunity to work or study. […click here…]

HIMD is a registered NGO based in Ngaramtoni, a suburb of Arusha. HIMD stands for Health Integrated Multisectoral Development.

The organization’s vision is a healthy society on all levels: physically, spiritually, mentally, psychologically, socially and economically.

The organization has various areas of activity and is primarily committed to protecting vulnerable groups. The organization runs a small private clinic, which specializes primarily in women’s health and a women’s shelter, that accommodates young women who have left their families to protect their health. They faced either genital mutilation and / or a forced marriage. HIMD is committed to provide education to put an end to female genital mutilation. […click here…]

In cooperation with the Cradle of Love Baby Home and the Gily’s Daycare and Learning Center, sponsorship programs have been developed. Sponsors can support the educational pathways of individual children. As Astrid Lindgren said: “What the world of tomorrow will look like depends to a large extent on the imagination of those who are learning to read right now.” […click here…]

One project that is still in an early stage of development: our hygiene program. This project concerns, for example, hygiene and hygiene products during a woman’s menstruation. You can find out more about this on the project page. […click here…]