We are pleased that, thanks to a cooperation with me luna GmbH, we were finally able to start our hygiene project.

With this project, we are specifically targeting women and addressing the important issue of menstrual hygiene. In many countries it is not possible for women to supply themselves with hygiene articles such as sanitary towels or tampons during their period. These products belong in every woman’s life, but unfortunately many women do not have the access or the necessary financial means to buy these products.

But what do women use when there are no pads or tampons available? For example, they use scraps of fabric or whatever is available at the moment. Often times, even this scrap of cloth is shared within the family.

Through conversations with the nannies in the Cradle of Love Baby Home, a children’s home in Arusha, Tanzania, which Giving Smiles e.V. has been supporting for a long time, we learned that some nannies are not able to provide themselves with sufficient hygiene items.

This motivated us to start a hygiene project and fortunately we started a cooperation with me luna GmbH. The me luna team thought our idea was very good and supported us with 26 menstrual cups for the pilot project.

To see how the hygiene project is being accepted by the women and we already knew about the situation of the nannies in the children’s home, we started the project there. During a training course, the nannies were extensively explained how to use the menstrual cups and, above all, how to clean them. All women were very happy.

Especially now in times of a pandemic, when the subject of hygiene in general has come more to the fore, we hope that we will soon be able to make everyday life easier for other women and girls with menstrual cups.

We are excited to see what the first exchange of experiences with the nannies will bring.