Giving Smiles – That was the first thing that came into my mind, when we had the idea to establish an organization after a successful appeal for donations, Katherina said. But let us go back to the beginning. Giving Smiles e.V. has its origin in Tanzania, more precisely in Arusha.

During a long journey through different regions of Africa, Katherina also decided to Volunteer at a children’s home in Arusha. There is where the idea was born. During my three weeks stay, I was able to support Cradle of Love Baby Home by working there. I got a deep insight into the local way of life and especially got to know the real challenges this children’s home has to deal with every month, even every week. After long thinking and considerations, I started a small action by calling people up for donations. This way, I asked family and friends: the target was to enable the children’s home to do the grocery shopping for one week. After a short time, the response to that calling was impressively high and I was overwhelmed by people’s good willingness that so many people showed when they know exactly where the money is going to.

Back in Germany, I started to realize the plans of my own organization. Together with two friends, Miriam and Daniela, the organization took on more and more shape. After all the arrangements, the foundation meeting took place on 30thof May 2018. The regulation of the organization was recognized by the seven members and after that we were able to function as an organization. I was elected as the first Chairwoman, Miriam as the second Chairwoman and Daniela as the paymaster.

The organization’s purpose was built up after long considerations and finally summarized as it follows:

The main organization’s goal is to promote development cooperation within the framework of social, medical, technical and agricultural projects as well as supporting development and self-help measures in disadvantage African  regions. In simple words: What can we do to encourage help and self-help?

We start with two existing projects. One is the Cradle of Love Baby Home in Arusha and the other one is a project for water supply in Uganda. (See more on projects)

The long-term goal is to create cooperations with something that is already ongoing and being neglected, in order to keep going on its own. Truthful with the organization’s purpose: help and self-help.

If you would like to find out more about us and our areas of activity, take a look at who we are and where we work.