In Shangarai (Arusha), Tanzania, many families live in poverty. The income per household is very low. Often, if the families are intact, at least one parent is unemployed or does not have a secure job. The families therefore have very irregular incomes. The majority of children get a maximum of two, often just one, meal a day. This is not enough for healthy and age-appropriate development. Health insurance is also not affordable for families in Shangarai.

Although the public primary school in Tanzania is accessible to everyone, there are no comparable offers for younger children. Even if the children start school, meals, uniforms and examination fees have to be paid by the families. Due to the very large class sizes, learning weak children quickly fall behind. A selection process takes place after the seventh grade, according to which only about 20% of all students nationwide are admitted to secondary school. The need for additional care before and after school is therefore very high.

For these reasons there is now the sponsorship program of the Gily’s Children Foundation. Gilbert Peter Lasway founded the learning center in March 2019, initially to look after children in need between the ages of 9 months and 5 years. It is planned to expand into an afternoon program for school children in the future. The organization is a non-profit “non-governmental organization” (NGO) that is not supported by the state, but has to bear its own costs through donations. In order to be able to reach as many children and families as possible, the Foundation relies on the support of international donors and sponsors.

For 25 € a month you can provide schooling and medical care for a child in Shangarai.

How does a sponsorship contribute to sustainable development in Tanzania?Education and family are two of the most important pillars of a functioning society. In Tanzania, many children are given up by their families in orphanages due to poverty and lack of future prospects, even though they have a family that loves them. The consequences are trauma, separation fears and profound psychological long-term effects. The Gily‘s Foundation supports families living in poverty so that they will never be faced with such a decision. The additional support gives the children the best possible entry into school life and is cared for and encouraged throughout their school career without having to worry about the next meal or illness.

What does the sponsorship in the Gily’s Children Foundation include?

  • Age group 0-3:
    – All-day care in the kindergarten of the Gily‘s Foundation
    – Pedagogical age-appropriate care
  • Age group 4-6:
    – All-day care in the preschool of the Gilys Foundation
    – Preparation for 1st grade
    (In Tanzania, children must already have basic knowledge of reading, writing and arithmetic when they start school)
  • School children:
    – Afternoon care in the Gily‘s Foundation (the Afterschool Center will open shortly)
    – Homework help, tutoring, English lessons
  • For all children:
    – Health insurance
    – 3 meals a day
    – School uniform
    – School starter set (backpack with writing utensils)

Are you interested in a sponsorship?

The sponsorship program of the Gily’s Foundation was created in cooperation with STEP Africa and will also be administered in the future by Giving Smiles e.V. and STEP Africa.

If you have any further questions or to request a sponsorship application, please do not hesitate to contact the contact persons below:

Kira Uher (Head of STEP Africa):
Katherina Campe (board of Giving Smiles e.V.):